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Game Ready vs. PowerPlay, which one should I rent?

Game Ready vs. PowerPlay, which one should I rent?


Cold Therapy is a well known recovery method to reduce pain and swelling of muscles and joints. Devices have been developed over decades to provide the most efficient methods of icing, from the simple ice bag, to whole body cryotherapy chambers.The icing device used is dependent on what it is needed for. For example; ice baths and cryo chambers provide a whole body experience that can be used to benefit sleep and mood as well as physiological advantages. On the other hand, for injuries that are localised to specific areas of the body, the icing device can be focused on low temperatures in a smaller area, ideally with a compression element. 

The role of ice to reduce inflammation, combined with advantages of compression to promote lymphatic drainage and stimulate tissue healing, gives you two for the price of one! They are the ultimate duo to allow for optimal recovery from injury and post-surgery. A number of ice and compression devices have therefore been developed to provide those going through rehabilitation, with the best possible equipment. 

Two systems that are extremely popular in the cold therapy and compression field are the Game Ready and the PowerPlay. Each with aspects that will reduce swelling to fast forward the road to recovery following an injury or surgery. 


The PowerPlay device is the best ice and compression device out there if you are looking for convenience, value and flexibility. The device comes with a chargeable compression pump, compression tubes, an insulated carry case and choice of gel packs and wraps. Available to rent at RecoverFit on a monthly subscription from just £125.

  • The compression unit pumps air through the tube into the PowerPlay wraps. 
  • The wrap squeezes the ice gel pack around the swollen area in an intermittent, sequential compression pattern. 
  • The pump unit has 5 compression settings, starting at 50mmHg increasing in 5mmHg increments up to 70mmHg.
  •  Each compression pump has three ports, for three individual users to use the PowerPlay unit at once, on individual cycles. 

The ice element is supplied via ice gel packs. These are placed in the freezer for one hour to freeze, reaching as cold as 5°C. The wrap stays within the therapeutic cold temperature (4-12°C) for 30 minutes. It is recommended that the gel pack is used for one cycle (20 minutes), then placed back into the freezer to refreeze and to allow for your joint or muscle to take a break to avoid over-icing. This means no need for bags and bags of ice filling up your freezer!

A huge benefit to the PowerPlay is that the pump is rechargeable, with charge lasting around 4-6 hours depending on the amount of ports attached. This means you do not have to worry about a power supply everytime you want to use this ice and compression device. For example; you can leave the house with your powerplay and ice on your commute to work or at the destination without the need for it to be constantly plugged in. 

Game Ready  

The Game Ready GRPro 2.1 is a top of the range cold and compression system. It provides long-lasting cooling from a unit with a number of evidence-based therapeutic modalities, giving you the highest level of customisation. Available to rent at RecoverFit from £250 a month. 

  • The game ready requires filling with ice and water. 
  • This is then pumped through an attached tube into a wrap. 
  • The wrap is filled with the cold icy water and compressed onto your injured area. 
  • Compression can be set to 4 different settings ranging from 5-75mmHg. Also, you can manually set your settings or choose from the 6 different preset programs. 

The range of programs makes the Game Ready stand out from the rest. You can sit and relax without having to worry about clicking any buttons or getting up in between icing sessions, perfect for recovery post surgery. For example; a setting can be applied for use overnight, with programs such as 30 minutes on, 60 minutes sleep at low pressure, you can ice safely whilst you sleep. 

Comparison Table


Icing do’s and Don'ts 

Choosing the best icing tool is important, but here are some icing do’s and don’ts to stay safe and optimise your recovery. 

Do consult a medical professional to discuss an icing routine necessary for your injury

Don’t apply ice directly to the skin, a layer should be applied in between ice or ice wraps

Do take breaks in between icing sessions to allow your skin to return to room temperature

Don’t overice, do not ice in excess of 20-30 mins in one go as it can do more harm than good. 

Do ice throughout the day if you can, try to get a minimum of 4 sessions in

Don’t ice an open wound



I have painful swollen joints, do I need an ice and compression system?

Ice and compression both work to reduce swelling, so it is definitely recommended to reduce your swelling quickly and help with the pain. 


Is ice and compression better than just ice? 

Ice and compression provide a two for one element. You get both beneficial aspects in the same piece of equipment. Therefore, reducing your recovery time quicker than either ice or compression alone.


Are they available to rent?

Yes, ice and compression devices discussed in this article are available to rent at


What happens when you ice for too long in one go?

Icing for too long can cause tissue damage and lead to frostbite. Prolonged icing can eventually cause nerve damage, therefore it is vital to allow the area to warm back up in between icing sessions


Should I use ice or heat? 

It is important to follow recommendations from a health professional as to whether ice or heat therapy is needed for your specific injury. Cold therapy is often used in acute injuries to reduce swelling. On the other hand, heat therapy can aid mobility and promote blood flow to the area of injury. Dependent on the injury, one therapy may be more beneficial than the other, but in some cases both may be necessary (contrast therapy). 


What does ice do when you put it on an injury? 

The aim of ice is to reduce swelling, via vasoconstriction of blood vessels, and numb the area, reducing the feeling of pain. This reduction of inflammation means you are not left with a muscle or joint full of fluid, making it easier to diagnose the injury and promote mobility. 


Why is compression good for an injury?

Compression on an injury reduces swelling and promotes lymphatic drainage from the injured area. Intermittent compression, provided by cold and compression systems, are even better because they compress and release pressure around the area. This promotes blood flow and movement of fluid. Essentially bringing all the good stuff to your injured area, to promote healing, whilst also removing waste products, getting in the way of the repair process. 


Game Ready or Normatec? 

Both compression devices but a number of elements give them slightly different uses. The Game ready is a cold therapy and compression system, therefore requires ice and is often used immediately following an injury or surgery. On the other hand, the Normatec is solely compression, with the aim to increase blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage. Although it does not have an ice element, it is great to reduce swelling following injuries and also for everyday use to reduce muscle soreness following exercise. Furthermore, the Game Ready wraps are for localised areas such as specific joints, whereas the Normatec attachments cover larger areas of the body such as whole leg attachments. 


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