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Therabody Summer Sale is now LIVE!


RecoverFit Rental / Hire

Why would I rent from RecoverFit?

1. Try before you buy

We understand that buying a recovery product is a big investment. So why not try before you buy!

  • If you decide to purchase the same brand new product that you have just rented after your rental period has ended, we will discount 50%* of your rental fee off your purchase!
  • * 50% Discount is only available for the first 4 weeks of the rental fee.

2. Post surgery / injury

A must to enhance your recovery

  • Knee Surgery: ACL, Meniscus / Cartilage
  • Ankle Surgery: ATFL Injuries, twists / sprains
  • Muscle Injuries
  • Broken Bones

3. Super Flexible

1 Month Minimum Commitment, cancel anytime.

  • Only rent the product for a certain time period
  • Are you training for a Marathon or Triathlon?
  • Going on a sports tour?

How does RecoverFit Rentals work?

Our Rental service works in 5 really easy steps...

  • First select the category of product
  • Select the product you would like to rent
  • Complete via checkout. 
  • You will receive your product on your selected day.
  • When your rental comes to an end, use your  DPD Shop Returns Label that came in your rental, for a hassle free return.

(Please note we always ask for a security deposit, but this gets paid straight back to you, once the item is returned in full working condition)

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