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British Gymnastics form recovery partnership with NormaTec

British Gymnastics form recovery partnership with NormaTec

We've teamed up with NormaTec, experts in athlete recovery, to bring NormaTec’s PULSE Series Recovery Systems into our high performance programmes. We'll use the NormaTec Systems in between GB training and competition schedules for enhanced recovery and rehab of elite gymnasts. The partnership also includes the supply of NormaTec travel units to the programme to ensure the same top-notch recovery benefits are available when the teams are away from base.

“We are delighted to partner with NormaTec,” affirms Martin Reddin, Executive Director of Sport at British Gymnastics. “Gymnastics is a physically demanding sport so the correct recovery after training or competition is crucial. British Gymnastics is looking forward to working with NormaTec’s incredible equipment and first-class expertise in this area to ensure the best recovery process for our gymnasts.”

The NormaTec PULSE Series uses patented compression technology to provide rapid athlete recovery. Using NormaTec boosts circulation to the limbs, rejuvenates sore muscles, and reduces pain. Adding NormaTec to training and recovery protocols puts British Gymnastics amongst a growing number of teams worldwide who rely on NormaTec’s technology. 
“British Gymnastics is an incredible organisation and we are proud to partner with them on this,” adds Gilad Jacobs, NormaTec’s CEO. “NormaTec’s technology is the perfect complement to help gymnasts recover from such intense training and extraordinary competitions. We look forward to being an integral part of this prestigious programme.”
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