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The Best Fitness Technology for Your Workout

The Best Fitness Technology for Your Workout

Fitness technology has taken the world by storm over the last few years. From watches to water bottles and everything else you need for your workout, what is the best fitness technology on the market at the moment?

Fitness watches

There are now a variety of different watches which you can use during your workout and for everyday use too, with Fitbit and Apple Watch as the most popular options. The great thing about a fitness watch is that you can tailor it exactly to your workout needs. It also allows you to compete with your friends and, most importantly, you can hold yourself accountable for your exercise! 

Since most fitness watches are priced at more than £100, the financial motivation should help you to get to the gym on the days that you just aren’t feeling like it. The sleep tracker feature, which is available on many fitness watches, is also great for letting you know how much you are actually sleeping at night.


Smart water bottles

You don’t realise how useful smart water bottles are until you have one yourself. Due to how new this concept is, there’s no set definition of what exactly a ‘smart water bottle’ involves. In general, these bottles have the ability to connect to your phone’s Bluetooth and light up when you need to drink water. They also keep track of how much water you’ve drunk throughout the day and even show the current temperature of your water. With the recent focus on how important it is to look after yourself during exercise, it’s easy to see why these are one of the best fitness technology products out there.


Interactive home gym mirrors

If you don’t have the time to get to the gym every day, then these new interactive home gym mirrors might be just the thing for you. When they aren’t in use, they double up as a regular full-length mirror. However, when you’re ready to exercise, you can activate the LCD screen and choose from a variety of professional trainers, helping you with everything from strength training to yoga. 

This is one of the best fitness technology products available as it allows you to do everything from your house and you have the option to connect it up with some of your other fitness products too, such as your fitness watch.


NormaTec Recovery Systems

Our NormaTec recovery system is perfect for sports therapists and athletes. It helps to make your workouts more efficient as it has the technology to help you recover straight after training and competing, as well as helping to reduce pain and soreness.

Like other high-quality fitness technology products, you can also download the Bluetooth integrated app to ensure your workout is seamless and you always know exactly what you’re doing.

You can read more about the NormaTec Recovery System here.

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