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Introducing the 3 WEEK Wattbike FITNESS PLAN for Professional Athletes

Designed specifically for professional athletes during their off-season, the 3 WEEK Wattbike FITNESS PLAN from RecoverFit is your ultimate training companion. This comprehensive plan is crafted to help you regain your peak fitness level before the start of pre-season training, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

What's Included?

3-Week Plan: Our expertly designed program spans three weeks, providing you with a structured roadmap to optimize your training sessions and maximize results.

3 Sessions per Week: We understand the demands of your busy schedule, which is why our plan allows you to train efficiently with just three focused sessions each week.

45-Minute Sessions: Each session is carefully crafted to fit into your busy routine, ensuring you can make the most of your limited time without compromising on intensity or effectiveness.


Unlock Your Potential with the Wattbike Advantage

Central to our program is the remarkable Wattbike, a state-of-the-art professional training machine trusted by numerous sporting associations. The Wattbike goes beyond traditional indoor cycling bikes by measuring over 40 parameters of data up to 100 times per second, making it the most accurate and insightful tool available.

Here's why the Wattbike stands out:

Unparalleled Precision: With its advanced data tracking capabilities, the Wattbike allows you to monitor your progress, identify weaker muscles, and prevent excessive fatigue, enabling you to fine-tune your training like never before.

Joint-Friendly Training: The Wattbike's low-impact design makes it the perfect choice for cross-training. Experience the high fitness benefits without straining your joints and muscles, which is why it's gaining popularity among professional footballers.

Your journey to peak performance is guided by Scott Sharp, a highly accomplished GB Triathlete and renowned RecoverFit Performance Coach. With extensive knowledge and experience on the Wattbike, Scott has meticulously crafted this fitness plan to help professional footballers regain their offseason fitness without subjecting their bodies to unnecessary impact training like road running or treadmill running.

Scott has collaborated with other Performance Coaches at RecoverFit Health & Performance Centre, as well as the center's owner, who is a professional footballer. This collaborative effort ensures the perfect balance of training, allowing you to return to action fully prepared and energized rather than fatigued. Your success is our priority, and we are excited for you to experience the benefits of this exceptional program.

Before You Get Started...

To optimize your training experience, we want to provide you with a few essential tips:

Saddle For & Aft: Ensure your saddle is positioned correctly by aligning your knee directly above the ball of your foot when looking down. Avoid having your knee too far forward or backward.

Handlebar Height: Start with the handlebars at the same height as the saddle. Experienced cyclists can consider lowering the handlebars to engage the glutes more effectively.

Handlebar For & Aft: Find a comfortable position by aiming for a 90-degree bend between your arms and torso. Adjust as needed to suit your preferences.

Maximize Your Training Potential

To enhance your experience and results, we recommend the following:

Download the 'Wattbike Hub' App: Available on iOS and Android, this app will be your training companion, providing valuable insights and tracking your progress throughout the program.

Set Up Your Bike: Follow the guidelines provided to set the optimal saddle height, ensuring a proper leg bend and alignment for effective and safe training.

The 3-Minute Aerobic Test: This essential test is designed to gauge your Maximal Minute Power (MMP) and Maximal Heart Rate