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All you need to know about Venom

All you need to know about Venom



We’ve all heard about ice for recovery, but what about heat? Heat can have multiple benefits for use pre and post exercise, or even just to maintain an active lifestyle.

  1. Heat can increase flexibility by relaxing muscle fibres and surrounding tissues. This allows for an increased range of motion as the tissues surrounding the joints are loosened. 
  2. Heat allows you to feel more mobile, with a reduced perception of pain, perfect for maintaining an active lifestyle. 
  3. Relaxing your muscles using heat can also help with other recovery techniques such as stretching. Relaxed muscles can be stretched further, enhancing the benefit of your stretching session. 
  4. Heat helps your muscles and joints by increasing blood flow to the area you are heating. Increased blood flow is beneficial pre and post exercise bringing oxygenated blood to the area for contractions pre workout, but also aiding the repair process and promoting the removal of waste products, to be broken down elsewhere post exercise. 

Another innovative addition to recovery equipment is vibration, creating a soothing, massaging sensation.

  1. Vibration therapy has one of the aforementioned benefits that heat therapy provides, in that it heats the muscle and increases blood flow.
  2.  Vibration also breaks down muscle tension, soothing the muscle with targeted vibration in the chosen area. 

These aspects make heat and vibration the ultimate duo for daily recovery in one piece of equipment and that’s where venom comes in!


The Venom 2 range has been created by Hyperice, developed by experts in heat and vibration. The best of the best when it comes to heat and vibration wraps. The products are designed with HyperHeat™ technology to allow for safe heating, with pads increasing in temperature quicker than any other heating pads. 3 increasing heat levels and 3 vibration patterns to choose from, you feel instant relief as the tension in your muscles melt away. Each Venom product also has bluetooth connectivity so you can control settings on your smartphone using the Hyperice App. 

  • Venom 2 Back- This wraps around your lower back and has 4 heat and vibration pads for even distribution. With an additional compression wrap and a slim design, soothing your lower back has never been easier!

Thermal imaging comparison: Hyperice Venom 2 back (left) vs other top of the range heat wrap (right). 


  • Venom 2 Leg- Heat and vibration for any part of your leg due to the double strap design for a customised fit. Heat up your leg muscles pre workout to get ahead of the game, or enhance your stretching session post exercise to upgrade your recovery. 
  • Venom 2 Shoulder- Alleviate your shoulder soreness and get your range of mobility back. The wrap is designed specifically to fit the shoulder so you can soothe your soreness anytime, any place. ​​
  • Venom Go- The most versatile heat and compression wearable out there. Place the pad anywhere you feel soreness, attach the magnetic venom pod and feel instant relief. With reusable pads, 1 hour battery life and a case available to purchase, wear your venom go and recover on the go. 


Do I have to use the heat and vibration at the same time? 

No, you can use just the heat or just the vibration at one time. Although with the different settings, there are 9 different heat and vibration combinations for you to find your favourite. 

What is the battery life? 

The Venom 2 Back, Shoulder and Leg has a 3 hour battery life. The Venom Go has a 1 hour battery life. 

Will it burn me? 

The Venom range can reach 45-50 degrees celsius on the highest setting. This should not burn you, however it is recommended that you start on the lowest heat setting and build up cautiously. Work out your heat limit, you should not be in any discomfort, therefore it is important to be careful and wear a clothing layer underneath the wraps at first. 

Are there different sizes?

There are not different sizes, however the neoprene wrap and silicone surface can be strapped as tight or loose as you wish, allowing for a customisable fit. 

Is it heavy to wear? 

No, they aim to feel lightweight so you are able to wear them on the go!

Venom 2 Back- 1kg

Venom 2 Leg- 0.5kg

Venom 2 Shoulder- 0.5kg 

Venom Go- <0.1Kg

Can I wear it under a jumper?

The Venom 2 range has a slim fit design with the aim to fit underneath jumpers. 

Is it like a massage? 

The Vibration can give a massage sensation. However, vibration therapy is not as deep as a massage, although it still soothes your muscles and reduces tension. 

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