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RecoveryTherm vs Venom back

RecoveryTherm vs Venom back



Lower back pain is common among many individuals due to the load we put through our spine and strain on the surrounding muscles. Like most pain it can be caused by many different reasons, from poor posture to lack of exercise, to being overweight or, an incident causing a direct impact. Lower back pain relief is an important treatment due to the variety of causes making it a common injury. Therefore, a wide range of equipment has been developed to ease this common problem. 

From hot water bottles to heat patches there have been advancements over time to administer portable methods of heat therapy. Heat therapy eases lower back pain via: 

  • Increasing blood flow to the area, promoting the healing process. 
  • Relaxing the surrounding muscles. 
  • Interrupting pain signals, so you feel less pain.
  • Increasing the range of motion by reducing joint stiffness.

Back pain is common among a range of lifestyles, including elite athletes. The demand put on the body during training and playing, not to mention the demands of travel, it became clear that having equipment to ease back pain was essential in most sports teams. This sparked the interest of recovery experts such as Hyperice and Therabody to produce heat therapy equipment for the lower back. The Venom 2 (Hyperice) and the RecoveryTherm (Therabody) are portable back wraps that incorporate heat and vibration therapy. 

Vibration therapy is an innovative addition to recovery equipment that creates a massaging sensation. Benefits include: increased blood flow, the breakdown of muscle tension and a soothing targeted vibration in the chosen area. Vibration and heat therapy have become an elite level duo, for everyone to enjoy, in one wearable. 

Venom 2 Back 

The Venom 2 back has a simple 3 button control design allowing you to control your 3 levels of heat and 3 patterns of vibration with ease. Designed with HyperHeat™ technology, the Venom 2 Back heats up 6x faster than a standard heat pad and reaches up to 55°C. In addition, the Venom 2 back has 3 hours of battery life and bluetooth connectivity to be controlled on your smartphone via the Hyperice app.


The RecoveryTherm also has 3 heat settings and 3 vibration patterns for you to choose from. With a simple design and connectivity to the Therabody app, heat therapy has never been easier! The RecoveryTherm has 360-degree heat therapy treatment allowing you to heat the front of your core and your lower back. In addition, the wrap has a 3-hour battery life and a removable battery for use on future RecoveryTherm products which could prove to be an innovative aspect. 



Thermal imaging comparison: Hyperice Venom 2 back (left) vs Therabody RecoveryTherm (right).



 What is the main difference between the Venom and the RecoveryTherm?

Venom 2 heats just the back, whereas the RecoveryTherm heats the back and the core. 

Why is the Venom 2 back more expensive 

The Venom 2 back is part of the original heat and vibration range and is a top of the range product. It heats up quicker than the RecoveryTherm and can reach higher temperatures (up to 55 degrees) as shown on the thermal imaging comparison above. 

Can I wear it under my jumper? 

Yes, the wraps are designed to be worn on the go, therefore can often be worn underneath an over-layer. 

Can I use it on other body parts? 

The wraps are designed for the back and core, with heat sources designed to equally span your muscles to provide optimal heat distribution. It can be used on other areas of your body, however it is not recommended and other heat wraps are available for other body parts. Please see the Venom 2 range available on our website for alternative heat and vibration wraps. 

Do I have to use the vibration or can I just use the heat? 

No, the heat and vibration settings can be used independently or in combination depending on your personal preference. 

Do they come in different sizes? 

No, the wraps are available in one size. However, the fabric used allows a customisable fit as you can adjust how tight you wrap the product. 

Will it burn me?

No, the product is safe to use and should not cause irritation to the skin. A minimum of one layer of clothing should be worn between the skin and the wrap. Furthermore, it is recommended that you start on the lowest level of heat and build up your tolerance. 

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